Find Out How Pets Help Create Human-human Friendships?


Every time you watch a Netflix series or go watch a movie, there is too much attention on love stories. But, did you forget about one of the most interesting characters of all time, Woody and Buzz? They definitely give you some unforgettable friendship goals. Being there for each other in thick and thin despite any bumpy ride along the way.

Dogs Have Feelings And Here’s How We Know

Have you ever heard your friend saying that my dog was sad today or my dog comforts me whenever I am feeling a little out of place? The emotions verbalized by dog owners seem like they come from a real place. For instance, your four-legged friend always wags his tail when you come home. Or else your dog starts growling when a stranger approaches. We interpret the former as your dog is happy to see you, while the latter as your dog is protective of you.