Dancing Makes You Feel Good: Here’s How

Dancing Makes You Feel Good: Here’s How


Dance is the music of the soul. How many times have you tried dancing whenever you were feeling blue? Well, I do it every time I am not in a good mood and want to be grateful for life again. For me, dancing is not only a sweat-inducing workout but also a great way to uplift my whole mood. Irrespective of how graceful you are on the floor, each and every body should never skip the chance of grooving. 


There is something about moving to the beats of music. High-empathy people feel music to a bit higher extent than low empathy people and can literally get goosebumps when they dance with all of their heart. And that is because dancing makes us feel happy and in my case, fills me with joy and gratitude.


 Let’s understand why dancing makes us feel good and how it’s important for our overall well-being. 

Great Exercise

Dancing Is a Great Form of Exercise 

Majority of the people take workouts as a big task or a punishment, which precisely is not an effective way to make it a habit. And that is why, what you can do is find a form of physical activity which does not make you feel bored and comes naturally to you like dancing. 


Research suggests that an hour of dancing can burn approximately 330 to 448 calories, depending upon the body weight. Especially, if you want to lose weight and don’t prefer hitting the gym, then a heavy dance workout is what you need. People in America even take delta-8 gummies before their dance workout to get that energy for an intense workout session. Learn more here about gummies. 

Dance Relieves Stress 

Be it salsa, ballet, contemporary, or any other dance form, dance has the potential to relieve stress and tension from the body. Suppose you enter a dance class and now it's you, music and the mirror- a great combination which will make you feel so good that you would not have felt it the entire day. 

Self Expression


I have been there, I can vouch for that feeling. Every time you feel stressed or those irritating anxiety symptoms hit you up, turn on the music and just dance. 

Dance Is a Form of Self-Expression

Dance is an art. Art is a form of self-expression. Creativity and self-expression is vital for the growth of the human spirit. A dancer knows how it feels to be on the stage and the opportunity to express yourself to the world. Dancing gives you the stage to present yourself through your moves, eyes, facial expressions, and many other factors which one can’t see but only feel. 

social Activity

Dance: A Social Activity 

Do you know how many people join a dance class just to ditch their loneliness and make friends? Many. Finding a dance class can expose you to like-minded people who have similar interests as you, which ultimately helps you to build connections. Dance is super fun as a social activity. 


In a nutshell, dance has the power to make us all happy, so we should do it more often.