Find Out How Pets Help Create Human-human Friendships?

Find Out How Pets Help Create Human-human Friendships?


Every time you watch a Netflix series or go watch a movie, there is too much attention on love stories. But, did you forget about one of the most interesting characters of all time, Woody and Buzz? They definitely give you some unforgettable friendship goals. Being there for each other in thick and thin despite any bumpy ride along the way. That's how friendships last for ages. Yet, finding a true friend could be challenging enough.


Well, this could be true if you are talking about human relationships. It is not the case with pets. Unlike humans, pets are loyal, don't pass any judgments. Rather, they believe in giving their owners ample support and unconditional love. However, scientific evidence claims that pets provide more than just companionship. They help their owners create human friendships or bonding as well.


Pets as a Catalyst For Forming New Friendships


Friendships are long-lasting relationships that help you survive the chaos and barriers. But, finding one can be daunting in our times where competition has taken over all the other emotions. But, if you have a pet by your side, life can become a little less fearful. People who own pets understand that meeting neighbor, pet walkers, or even strangers is not something that's unknown. But, how do pets trigger the idea of forming friendships? How do they help connect better? To answer this question, many scientists explored the idea of pets as social support.


The Pet Factor - Companion Animals as a Conduit for Getting to Know People, Friendship Formation And Social Support


To elaborate on this idea, Dr. Elizabeth Frates, working as an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School got a pet, a Goldendoodle. She experienced a new door of opportunities after including Reese into her family. Different researchers joined hands and surveyed approximately 2700 men and women in four cities.


They used different elements to identify the factors that helped people forming a relationship. One being neighbors, the second one for the respondents who use local streets or parks. Lastly, it was being a pet owner. The study revealed that pet owners were 60% more favorable to forming a social connection. It showed that people with dogs or the ones who walked dogs had more chances of creating new friendships. As per this study, pet ownership holds the key to facilitating friendships.


Pets Trigger Magnetic Effect For People Finding it Difficult to Form Connections


Pets are an important part of our life and our social network. But, that's not all. They help extend our social circle as well. It's simple, if you own a pet, you are bound to come out of your shell and are more likely to be approached. Precisely, they will help you start a conversation that was otherwise a challenging task for you. Scientists call this a magnetic effect. The presence of a pet will help to start a social connection and perhaps take it to another level.


Caring For Animals May Correlate With Positive Traits in Young Adults


Are you confused whether buying dogs for protection or a simple pet would be good for your children or teenagers? Scientists reveal that having a strong connection with a pet helps teenagers to form social connections easily. One of the authors of the paper presented a fact that attachment with pets helped young adults connect better. In addition to that, such individuals were more empathetic or confident of others.


To Sum it Up


Saying that a dog is the "man's best friend' is no lie. For that matter, having a pet is a blessing. Anyone with a pet would agree to that statement. They have amazing boosting abilities. They help us feel protected and enhance our sense of security. A pet helps you explore different ways that help your physical and mental health significantly. These mostly include improving your physical activity which eventually helps you lose weight. In addition to that, they help to manage your blood pressure. So, no more stress or any other mental health stressors. Not only that, studies confirm that owning a pet triggers the oxytocin levels or "love hormone". This helps to improve your mental health. So, indirectly, pets are the reason for long-term human relationships and social connections.